Water Features & Ponds

We are a dedicated company that prides itself on high quality water features & Ponds and first class service, with many customers to back up these statements. We believe in providing continued customer service long after the pond has been installed and we are continually reminded of our exceptional service.

Jacana Gardens will customize each pond installation to suit what you want and will assist you with your design so that it works properly. We will recommend and install what will work best for your situation.

It is our goal to create a natural looking and sounding water features & ponds, just as if mother nature placed it there herself. No other landscape feature can bring such life and natural beauty to your home.

Our products and pond services

  • Ponds, waterfalls, bubbling rocks or fountains
  • Pond renovations – enlarge pond, add waterfall, improve water quality, install skimmer
  • Deck or patio ponds
  • Pond service, pond maintenance, pond troubleshooting, and pond repair
  • Leak repairs
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