Tree Surgery


If your trees are oversized, damaged or show signs of disease please call us and discuss your requirements.

Our Tree Surgeons are fully trained, fully insured and experienced at dealing with all kinds of tree work.

Remember that climbing trees and handling chainsaws are specialist tasks. Our Tree Surgeons are trained to complete these tasks safely and with no damage to surrounding structures.

Trimming or felling a tree generates an enormous amount of waste. We remove the waste from site and are licensed by the local authority to dispose of it in a sustainable way.

We frequently have to work on trees in confined spaces like gardens. Obviously there is a real risk of damaging surrounding buildings in situations like this. This all part of the job! We are trained in techniques that ensure that the cut sections are under control at all times. Before we cut, the tree section is properly roped so that when the cut is made the section remains aloft. The team member on the ground then takes the strain and the section is then lowered carefully to the ground.

When the section is on the ground it is cut into manageable sections and removed from site. Our objective is to leave the site clear and tidy and the only sign that we have been should be the work that you asked us to do.

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